The impetus for the refurbishment of Church House was the closing of the school in 2009.  Church House was showing its age and while it had served the village very well for most of its life the requirements, both legal and what are now the expected levels of facilities and comfort, needed to be addressed.

Llangurig Community Council convened two public meetings to seek the views of the village on whether a Village Hall was needed and if so should it be the now closed school or Church House. The outcome of these meetings was that Church House was the preferred venue.

Once this decision had been made the Community Council stood back from the process and in 2012 a Committee under the leadership of Clare Bound was selected/elected to implement this decision.

The Committee, supported by both Llangurig Community Council and Powys County Council, drew up plans for the refurbishment of Church House, consulted the village again to establish what would be the likely usage of the hall and applied for funding from the Big Lottery Fund. In addition negotiations were successfully concluded with Curig Charity, the owners of Church House, for the grant of a 21 year lease.

In 2016 the lease and funding were in place and a contract signed with a local builder, Griffiths & Jones, to refurbish Church House. This process, overseen by Charles Cowan the local architect who designed the remodelled interior and the new porch, was completed in September 2017 and the Centre officially opened its doors in its new livery in October that year.

Out with the old floor
Walls & new floor underway
Ceiling in place
New doorway opened
Base laid
Nearly there